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The company, located in the industrial area of Cavaion about 2 km from the motorway tollgate of Affi (VR), is the amalgamation of two firms, Industria Marmi Alberti of Ala (TN) and Alberti Giovanni Volargne (VR).

The specialization of Industria Marmi Alberti in the selection of materials and the production capacity of Alberti Giovanni Volargne are the unifying features of this company.

The company specializes in resin treatment, screening, stuccoing, smoothing, polishing and patination of marble, travertine, onyx and granite.

In the new plant all the processes are carried out using numerically controlled machinery.



The company occupies an area of 16,000 m2, of which 6,000 are covered, and in which the production areas and the office building are located.

The prestigious building was designed in a striking style in which the choice of materials used for internal and external cladding are of basic importance to represent the character of Alberti & Alberti.

he building is also provided with the facilities necessary to manage all the phases of production: a line for resin treatment and screening of marble and granite and a line for stuccoing, smoothing, polishing, patination and other surface finishes of the slabs.

Declaration / Certificates

Environmental product declaration - Ecolastre

The products that Alberti & Alberti srl places on the market are produced applying the best techniques available in terms of product quality and environmental impact.

The company provides environmental indicators to quantify the environmental impact of production and also some indications of other performance aspects.

The results of the life cycle analysis (LCA) provide all the information necessary to prepare the EPD on the basis of the guidelines (product category rules - PCR) for stone products indicated in the respective chapter.

This study also supports the technical documentation of natural products used as hard coverings for floors and walls with the purpose of obtaining the voluntary EU ECOLABEL marking (Resolution of the Commission 2009/607/CE) for which a special section has been added to this study.

The LCA study is also something that gives products the potential to obtain the P c1 credit (Innovation in design) of the LEED® standard in the sphere of buildings that conform to the content of the Green Building Council stated in the Italian LEED Manual for New Buildings and Renovations.

Production Cycle


If you wish to contact us for a quotation or technical advice, please send an email to relevant office


Gualtiero Alberti

Roberto Alberti


Elena Barbessi

Customer Care

Claudia Pietropoli


Dante Zancarli


Dante Zancarli

Sicurezza e Cantiere

Gianpaolo Alberti

Gestione Carichi e Logistica

Emir Jusufi


Elisa Lorenzini

Industria Marmi Alberti S.r.l.

Graniti, Quarziti, Sandstone

Corso Trento 2
38061 Ala, Trento, Italy
Telefono +39 0464 671118 (4 linee r.a.)

Alberti & Alberti S.r.l.

Marmi, Travertini, Onici

Via dell'Industria 6
37010 Cavaion Veronese, Verona, Italia
Telefono +39 045 6260444 (4 linee r.a.)